Chibi the conure relaxes and enjoys scritches (source)


ぺるそな4 | しわすだ [pixiv] 


ive been thinking about stuf.f.. 

its hard to cut hair with a gas mask onz

i think i hurt my wrist because i cant put too much weight on it or move it around because it cracks 

i might have to take a break from drawing if it doesnt stop hurting

im gonna watch oofuri again

and cry

a lot

Hinata getting some much deserved Senpai love.

someone in year 12 died this morning and im just. like i knew them and we werent too close or anything but everyone is feeling a bit down now

ive gained more followers today than i’ve gained in the past year what happened

Track Name: フラッピー
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Galileo Galilei - フラッピー