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I finally finished redesigning my wall <3 it is now filled with Sousukeeee HEHEHE Im so happy with itt <33333333333 I LOVE HIM SO SO FREAKING MUCHHHHHHH!!! <3



i love y…………………uri thats not overly sexualized or written by men

my brother was kind enough to lend me a charger until i can get a new one from the it guys when holidays are over bless him

i just have to keep it in good condition because hes trying to sell it

my laptop died & my chargers broken so im sitting at my computer ugh i might just listen to music and go to sleep tbh bc i feel super anxious w/ all the open space behind me

im gonna change up my theme (and probably delete this post when im done too lol)



So late but happy birthday to my favourite loser ´  - ` ♥♥♥